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Our Vision

Cluster is a mission-driven company working to expand the middle class in America by connecting skilled talent to premium industrial and manufacturing jobs. The future of U.S. Industry is bright. Advanced manufacturing is creating demand for high-paying jobs that require advanced technical and engineering skills, while the retirement of millions of baby boomers is creating a shortage of skilled talent. We believe that making it easier for people to get connected to meaningful and solid manufacturing jobs helps entice companies to create great products in the U.S. and builds a stronger economy.

We’re taking the pain and effort out of the job search by focusing on industry-specific skill sets and matching talent to employers who value their unique backgrounds. We want to help companies hire good people and place workers at great companies who treat them like family.

Where You Come In

We need a trail blazer who cares about our mission and wants to take an active role in designing, building and maintaining our system and infrastructure. You have a passion for high-quality, reliable and maintainable code with a love for writing solid tests and refactoring.  As the first full stack engineer on the team, you will be part of the process from the ground up. Your contributions will enable the team to launch products and iterate quickly.

You must be comfortable working in an agile team making decisions together in order to deliver value to our customers quickly.

How We Work

At this stage, our approach is still highly collaborative. We believe that the best long term quality comes from rapidly shipping, iterating and learning as we go. We’re growing and learning at a lightning pace, which relies on everyone to contribute new information and insights to the team in real time.  At Cluster, every employee has a voice, and we work together closely to drive toward tough but rewarding achievements.

It’s important to us that we have high alignment between Cluster’s business, user and technical goals. Everyone here is responsible for making sure we don’t just code things right, but that we also code the right things. We judge our success by our customers’ success.


Not everything listed below is a must. While we’d love to find the left-handed unicorn that checks every box, we care more about finding people who are passionate about helping the company grow.

  • Several years of industry experience preferably in a startup (mvp to scale)
  • Understand/deep appreciation for systems configuration and building efficient infrastructure
  • Knowledge and experience with building and deploying enterprise or cloud scale applications from deployment to monitoring
  • Solid JavaScript (ES6) knowledge
  • Has solid understanding/experience with React and it’s ecosystem
  • Experience building complex web applications with Functional Programming: Ramda.js, Recompose, Redux, Regux Sagas, RxJS
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with MongoDB and ODMs
  • Knowledge of building a scalable system
  • Knowledge of microservice architecture
  • Knowledge of GraphQL and Apollo
  • Proficient on HTML5, CSS3 and comfortable with a number of CSS in JS solutions, like Styled Components or Radium. Have demonstrated experience to design nice look & feel frontend
  • Experience to write clean and maintainable code using tools like Flowtype and ESLint
  • Solid on frontend testing framework UT/BT tools. Good at frontend development environment and toolset like npm and yarn
  • Excellent communicator; loves working software but isn’t afraid of creating some documentation
  • You ask for forgiveness, not permission
  • You find a work-around when there is no work-around
  • BA/BS in Computer Science


  • Comfortable with devops but not required.
  • Proficient on one popular backend technologies, like Python or golang
  • Experience or interest in pair programming, Test Driven Development (TDD) & XP/Agile methodologies
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